Silver, a soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it has the highest  electrical conductivity of any element and the highestthermal conductivity of
any metal.


Initial public offerings

  • Provide capital markets counsel and support to the Company in connection with its initial public offering (IPO) of common shares and the listing of those shares on a Canadian Exchange.
  • Develop and produce the IPO presentation and related support materials including the prospectus wrap, the offering summary, slideshow and hard copy handout.
  • Conduct a presentation rehearsal(s) including a comprehensive question and answer session.
  • Provide road show planning and logistics support including onsite coordination, equipment rentals, technical support, travel arrangements, meeting room bookings, staging, signage and hospitality.

    Provide counsel and support to senior management in connection with their efforts to secure a listing for the Company's' shares on an appropriate Canadian exchange.